Wayne Pharmaceuticals and MD Whitest Medical Institute Announce Community Health and Wellness Classes

Wayne Pharmaceuticals, a renowned producer of top-notch healthcare products for consumers, and MD Whitest Medical Institute, are happy to announce community health and wellness classes for the residents of Crisp County in Georgia.

The Health & Wellness Program will include classes, fitness training and wellness screenings while also providing a balanced health and wellness routine to inspire as well as positively impact the mind, body, and spirit. The fitness class currently includes static stretching and functional training which mimic daily movements and activities. Those struggling with consistent exercise or would like to add variety and group encouragement to enhance their overall performance and meet health goals will find these classes immensely helpful. While the program is designed with senior citizens in mind, classes are open to people of all ages and fitness levels. There is something for everyone.

“Living healthy and well is about mind, spirit, and body at every age and stage. Wayne Pharmaceuticals has collaborated with MD Whitest Medical Institute to offer a variety of exercise classes, wellness screenings, nutrition and diet awareness efforts to help the residents of Crisp County relax, stretch, strengthen, and improve flexibility,” said Dr. Mathew Whitest, CEO of Wayne Pharmaceuticals. “You are never too old to learn something new and have fun. Our program offers a variety of health and wellness, life skills, and art classes designed with adults 55 and over in mind. With an array of programs, we help get your body and mind fit, maintain your independence, increase mobility & range of motion and improve the quality of your life.”

With its community health initiatives, the goal of the program is to uplift an entire community through activities and wellness programs. Short term, the program will offer health and wellness classes, health screenings, blood pressure and heart rate checks. Long term, there will be more dynamic exercise classes, along with plans to start a community garden, healthy cooking classes and recycling initiatives along with offering resume writing classes and interviewee skills initiatives.

These classes are held for our community and at no cost every Monday through Thursday morning from 9am until 11am located at the former A.S. Clark Gym. A complimentary shuttle service is provided to those without transportation living within 15-miles of the facility, so that they can attend the classes.

Choosing to adopt a balanced, healthy lifestyle is a smart move. Participants will enjoy a greater sense of wellness after attending these classes as well as increased energy and reduced stress while finding balance in their lives.

According to the 2019 National Robert Wood Johnson Health Report conducted annually, which ranks states and counties across the country based on health outcomes such as premature death, quality of life, adult obesity, adult smoking and access to exercise. Crisp County ranked 152nd out of 159 Georgia counties in the report. Primary factors contributing to Crisp County’s low ranking are the county’s high morbidity or high disease rate. Heart disease and diabetes are among the leading causes of our county’s high mortality or death rate. This program aims to improve the ranking of Crisp County by striving to make our citizens more active and healthier.

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