Breaking News – AS Clark Purchase Complete

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The A.S. Clark School which opened in 1957 as the first public school in Crisp County, Georgia that provided an education to African Americans,has been purchased by the M.D. Whitest Medical Institute. This is a sprawling 18 acres campus that is located at the north west corner of Cordele/Crisp County, Georgia.

Dr. Mathew Wayne Whitest, President and Chairman of the Board of the M.D. Whitest Medical Institute, and also President of Wayne Pharmaceuticals, led the acquisition and is a native of Crisp County as well as a former middle school student of A.S. Clark. This school will be converted into a Biomedical Research and Development center for Wayne Pharmaceuticals, that will bring new jobs in this industry to Crisp County and surrounding areas.

Additionally, it will house a wellness clinic that will provide preventive disease care to local citizens.